Eternal rival Seto Kaiba also serves as inspiration for a fashionable anime timepiece of his own.

When the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime first started airing back in the late ‘90s, odds are its fanbase, primarily made up of young kids, didn’t have any more pressing appointments than being stationed in front of their TV when the show’s next episode was starting. However, roughly two decades (and more than 7,600 cards) later, a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh! fans are now adults, with the plethora of professional and social engagements that come with being a grownup.

So to help you keep track of the time and stay on schedule, anime fashion brand Super Groupies, which previously brought us Yu-Gi-Oh! earrings, is releasing a pair of Yu-Gi-Oh! wristwatches, in celebration of the franchise’s 20th anniversary.




The anime influence is most obvious with the Yugi Muto model, styled after protagonist Yugi’s pyramid-like Millennium Puzzle. The gold-plated watch is attached to a leather band, with a special 20th anniversary mark on the back of the face.


If you’re wondering how you’re supposed to see something that’s on the back of the face, the Millennium Puzzle is actually detachable. While you could carry it around in your hand, if you were so inclined, the Yugi Muto watch also comes bundled with a silver-plated chain so that you can wear it as a functional pendant.



For those whose loyalties lie not with Yugi, but instead his rival Seto Kaiba, Super Groupies also has a stainless steel watch bearing the logo of the Kaiba Corporation and also, near the six o’clock marker, the outline of the iconic Blue Eyes White Dragon.

▼ The hour markers are also shaped like the creature’s distinctive eyes.




The 18,000-yen (US$175) Yugi model can be ordered here directly from Super Groupies, while the 12,800-yen Kaiba timepiece is available here. Both are scheduled to ship in late April.

Source: Super Groupies
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