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Japan’s “suicide problem” is much talked about, both within the country’s borders and without, with a shocking number of people each year choosing to end their lives by jumping in front of a train. Less talked about are all the other deadly and injurious accidents that take place on train platforms in Japan on a semi-regular basis.

Recently, Japanese rail companies have been experimenting with platform barrier doors to prevent both suicides and other grievous accidents, and most of these inevitably end up looking like something out of Star Trek or a 1990s first-person shooter before technology allowed swinging door animations.

Warning signs abound at many train stations to pay attention to the bumpy yellow line that marks safe distance from passing and stopping trains, and to refrain from certain activities near that line, such as punching out text messages, playing handheld games and, of course, drunkenly weaving – which, let’s face it, is liable to end in an accident even when you’re just crossing the room to use the toilet.

Sadly, when your eyes are glued to Flappy Bird or you’re so drunk that you’re not even sure if your eyes are still in your head, accidents still happen, so rail companies are taking steps to make stations safer places to be, and of course to reduce instances of suicide.

The following video shows some of the experimental tech set up at certain train stops, all of which whoosh, whir, click, rattle and otherwise give the impression that you’ve somehow ended up on a Star Wars set:

Source: Yahoo! Japan