Regardless if you speak English, Japanese, or Penguinese, the language of love and bling is universal.

Part of preparing for your wedding is shopping for not a ring, but THE ring. While the process itself can become peppered with potential problems regarding ring choice and cost, if your special someone just so happens to be a Sanrio fan, then they’re in luck as Japanese jeweler U-Treasure has released engagement as well as wedding rings embedded with a Tuxedo Sam motif.

U-Treasure is offering an engagement ring and two styles of a wedding ring this round.

The engagement ring has four different bands to choose from: platinum, yellow gold, pink gold, and white gold. Lovers of Tuxedo Sam will be pleased to see the penguin perched against the ring’s diamond, and an aquamarine stone provides a stylistic touch. However, interested buyers should note that the diamond is priced separately, and depending on the cut you choose the total cost of the ring can fluctuate between 275,000 yen (US$2591.06) to 572,000 yen. (US$5389.41)

For the wedding ring, there are two band styles available. One of them has a plain but curvy chic style and the other one has a small bow in its center, paying homage to Tuxedo Sam’s signature trait of owning 365 bow ties. While there are no gemstones included, Tuxedo Sam will be engraved on the inside of the ring regardless of which style you purchase. Both styles have the following versions: platinum, yellow gold, pink gold, and white gold. The wedding band with the bow tie is going for 88,000 yen (US$829.14) while the wedding band without the bow tie is priced slightly higher at 99,000 yen. (US$932.78)

All rings also come with an additional perk: free engravings. Whether you want the date of your wedding or your partner’s initials, you can wear them on you forever with this charming wedding ring collection by U-Treasure.

▼ A big plus is that the Tuxedo Sam motifs aren’t too over the top for these rings.

▼ If you purchase a Tuxedo Sam engagement or wedding ring by September 29, you will also receive a themed marriage certificate as a part of U-Treasure’s ongoing Sanrio Character Bridal Jewelry Fair promotion.

The Tuxedo Sam engagement and wedding rings are available now, and interested buyers can either purchase the rings from U-Treasure’s flagship Shinjuku store or from their online shop here. If you want something just a little bit more unique though, they also offer customizable rings with Pokémon motifs as well!

Source, top image: PR Times
Insert images: PR Times, U-Treasure
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