Gem hunting: A top Japanese activity more tourists need to know about

Walk away with garnets, amethysts, rubies and sapphires at this little-known tourist spot.

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Deco eyelashes from Japan let you add butterflies, jewels and the night sky to your cosplay makeup

The only problem is deciding which design to choose from the beautiful new collection.

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Real gems from Japanese arcade UFO catchers: Crane-caught riches, or a shiny scam?

We hit the arcade, then turned our winnings into cold, hard cash.

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We tried making edible jewels: One recipe gives you three delicious versions!

Remember those beautiful edible “jewels” that we shared with you a couple of weeks ago? Made simply from sugar, agar-agar, and a beverage of your choice, the jewels are both pretty to look at and make a cool – in both senses of the word – summer treat.

They’re still all the rage right now on Japanese social media, so our Japanese reporter Shimazu decided to try making some jewel flavor combinations for herself. She even experimented with three different manners of preparation–serving them right away, freezing them, and letting them sit for a few days to harden.

Which method of making them do you think she enjoyed the most?

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Accessorize your aquarium: New sparkly fish tank for kids comes with jewels and plenty of pink

“Add a lot of cute decorations to the room we’re staying in!” says the blue goldfish with a matching blue tiara. No this isn’t a joke; uncommonly cute anthropomorphic goldfish are just a part of the marketing campaign for a completely customizable fish tank aimed at young children in Japan. With a fancy backdrop and jewels galore, it’s a far ways away from the plastic aquatic plant or bubbling clam shell in typical aquariums.

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