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Eye-catching purses are handmade and feature antique gold.

Between cat organizers, cat bags, and cat pouches, feline fans have plenty of options for carrying their stuff around. But what if, like generations of cultured Japanese animal lovers, you’re enamored with elegant long-finned goldfish? Who’s taking care of your fashion needs?

Atelier Iwakiri, that’s who. The Japanese bag maker’s flagship piece is a dynamic yet sophisticated goldfish-shaped shoulder bag, and when we say goldfish-shaped we don’t mean a quick-sketched oval with a triangle stuck on the end.

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No, we mean a bag that looks just like a goldfish, crafted from material so smooth it gives a luster that makes it look like a fish swimming through a pool of cool, clear water.

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Somewhat ironically, you’ll want to avoid getting the bag wet, since it’s made from smooth leather. From nose to tail the bag measures 46 centimeters (18.1 inches) long, with a lined 33-centimeter zipper-closed interior compartment outfitted with two pockets.

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The bag also features antique gold fixtures, and the adjustable strap can be shortened or tucked to convert the shoulder bag into a handbag or clutch.

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While vivid red is the most obvious choice of color, the bag is also available in black, brown, and dark brown.

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If you’re wondering how Atelier Iwakiri mass-produces something with such a complex construction, it doesn’t. Each goldfish bag is handmade, and such involved craftsmanship doesn’t come cheap, or quickly. The large bag shown here is priced at 118,800 yen (US$990), while a smaller version costs 75,600 yen. Since the bags are made to order, delivery can take between two weeks and six months, depending on Atelier Iwakiri’s backlog.

If you’ve fallen in love with these goldfish bags, though, you can start the ball rolling by contacting Atelier Iwakiri through its email form here. The company will then respond with the approximate time required until it ships your fantastic fish fashion.

Source: Atelier Iwakiri
Images: Atelier Iwakiri (edited by RocketNews24)