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The only thing we love more than videos about our favourite forms of entertainment are crossover videos that bring them together in one place. Doing precisely that, a talented British animator has just made our Monday that bit more bearable by posting a video titled “Ryu VS Jesse” to YouTube, which combines the worlds of much-loved video game Street Fighter and smash TV show Breaking Bad. And the result is simply awesome.

Full video after the jump.

Created by UK-based animator Junior Jessman along with his equally passionate pals, the video pits Street Fighter‘s Ryu against Jesse Pinkman, Breaking Bad‘s good-for-nothing drug peddler who has had so much bad karma that we swear he’d eaten Buddha’s noodles in a past life.

Topped off with voice samples borrowed from Street Fighter IV and some genuinely adorable character models, the video is not only an impressive feat of animation but a wonderful homage to both the game and TV show, and we’re already heralding it as the best thing we’ll watch all week. (Prove us wrong, Internets. Prove us wrong.)

In classic Street Fighter style, let’s begin by meeting the fighters.

There’s Ryu, the highly trained, ultra-dedicated martial arts expert

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And Jesse, the high school dropout who makes a killing selling drugs

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Now that’s over, let’s get down to it. Fight!!!

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Each of the fighters has his own trademark attacks, which the animators execute with genuine style.

Ryu has his powerful hadouken fireballs

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And, along with wads of cash, Jesse has, you know, “Yeah, bitch! Magnets!”

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And just because this is supposed to be a one-on-one brawl, don’t think for a moment that fedora-sporting Walter White won’t show up to bring the pain.

With the power of chemistry!!!

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There’s plenty more to enjoy in the video, so here it is in full.

Source: YouTube via Capcom Unity