Who needs a plain old Street Fighter II t-shirt when you could have shoes instead?

Street Fighter II has been making a comeback in popularity lately, with companies like Toyota awaking that old gamer’s spirit in potential car buyers and this viral video of an awesome drummer dressed as El Fuerte. Now, American shoe brand UBIQ has teamed up with Capcom to produce the shoe that Street Fighter II fans have been dreaming about for years. Oh, you say you weren’t dreaming about it? Yes you were. Subconsciously.

▼ “Wow, those are some nice sh—whoooooa it’s Street Fighter!!”

These high-top shoes feature nostalgic pixel art of beloved game characters like Ryu, E. Honda, Chung Li, Ken, and more. The tongue of the shoe is actually the title screen of the game.

▼ It’s like watching a video game on your feet!

▼ The shoes also come in a specially designed shoe box.

These conversation starters cost 9,800 yen (US $89) a pair. Reservations started in July, but if you can still place orders, with shipping scheduled for the end of November. Reservations end when the shoes run out, though, so get your order in sooner rather than later (shoes in size 26, 27, and 28 centimeters are already spoken for)! Check out their official order page on Super Groupies if you’re interested.

▼ Look cool standing up. Look cool crouching down. Look cool kicking your enemies in the face Street Fighter-style.

And in case you’re wondering, no, these won’t give you the ability to perform a Shoryuken. That involves punching, not kicking. But you’ll still be the most stylish fan on the block!

Source, images: Super Groupies