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We were already perfectly full and happy having had a chance to try Japan’s new bakeable Kit Kats, and felt that the chocolatey snack had been taken about as far as it ever could. But apparently there’s still more to look forward to from these unique Kit Kats than just the novelty of “toasting” them at home: Kit Kat pizza!

That’s right, several pizza and cafe chains in Japan will be offering special menus for a limited time using the “Bake ‘N Tasty Mini Kit Kats Custard Pudding Flavor” (Kit Kat Mini Yaite Oishi Purin Aji), and we have to say, they look pretty darn sweet.

According to a joint press release by Nestlé Japan, Cafe Company, Strawberry Cones and Zensho, original baked Kit Kat menus will be offered at the pizza chains Napoli no Kama and Strawberry Cones as well as the cafe chains WIRED CAFE and Moriva Coffee.

Now, we can imagine cafes having Kit Kat-themed items on their menu, but we have to say Kit Kat pizza was certainly unexpected, although we’re sure it can make a delightful dessert pizza, since there seems to be something quite irresistible about combining sweet ingredients with the salty flavor of cheese (at least in this writer’s experience). Napoli no Kama started offering from last Friday their Kit Kat and Mango Dolce Pizza, which they’re promoting as a “sweet pizza for adults” at 1,630 yen (US$16) for a medium size pizza. Judging from their pizza line-up though, sweet pizzas are nothing new at the pizza chain, since they already have items like the “Fresh Caramel Banana Chocolate & Nuts Pizza (available with extra whipped cream)” or the “Honey Maple Gorgonzola Pizza”.

▼The Kit Kat and Mango Dolce Pizza, which comes topped with the pudding flavored bakeable Kit Kats, mango slices, mixed nuts, Gorgonzola cheese sauce and a honey maple sauce: yum!

Kit Kat Napoli 2

Kit Kat Napoli Photos: Napoli no Kama official siteFacebook

The other Kit Kat pizza offering, which  comes from lesser-known pizza chain Strawberry Cones, basically involves the same ingredients and is called the Baked Kit Kat and Mango Dessert Pizza, and is priced at 1,350 yen ($13) for a small size pizza. The pizza from both chains are scheduled to be sold from March 28 to August 31.

▼The Baked Kit Kat and Mango Dessert Pizza, which also is topped with Kit Kats, mango slices, mixed nuts, Gorgonzola cheese sauce and honey maple sauce

Kit Kat Strawberry 2

Kit Kat StrawberryPhotos: Strawberry Cones official siteFacebook page 

Wired Cafe’s sweet, creamy-looking Baked Kit Kat Cara-melted Sundae will be available from mid-May at a price of 650 yen ($6.25) at five of their locations in central Tokyo. The sundae is an original creation combining the Kit Kats with fruits, granola and vanilla ice cream.

▼The Baked Kit Kat Cara-melted Sundae should be a delightful combination of Kit Kat sweetness, the crunchy texture of granola and ice cream coldness.

Kit Kat Wired sundae Photo: Joint press release via Nestlé Japan site 

Moriva Coffee will also be offering their sweet creation, the “Baked Kit Kat Sundae: Bake ‘N Tasty Pudding Flavor” from April 9 to May 10 for 340 yen at 19 stores mainly in the greater Tokyo metropolitan area. The sundae is made from soft-serve ice cream mixed with sauce anglaise, and in addition to a regular piece of  the baked Kit Kat, it also comes sprinkled with a topping of the crushed Kit Kats as well.

▼The “Baked Kit Kat Sundae: Bake ‘N Tasty Pudding Flavor” is served with the baked Kit Kats in two forms, making for double the flavor and texture.

Kit Kat Moriva sundaePhoto: Joint press release via Nestlé Japan site 

So, Kit Kat fans hungry for something more than just a chocolate snack apparently have much to look forward over the next few months. Personally, I would love to try Moriva Coffee’s Baked Kit Kat Sundae, but then again, all the items look incredibly tempting. We for one would definitely be happy to see more such creative efforts by restaurants and cafes, because well, there can never be too much sweetness in the world, can there?

Source: Joint press release via Nestlé Japan website 
Top image:  Napoli no Kama official site and Strawberry Cones official site