Street Fighter V: Resurrection project revealed at Capcom Cup 2015 Finals on Sunday.

CAPCOM‘s Yoshinori Ono announced at the end of the CAPCOM Cup 2015 Finals on Sunday that Machinima, the company that produced the Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist live-action series, will produce a new live-action series titled Street Fighter V: Resurrection for spring 2016.

Street Fighter: Legacy director and writer Joey Ansah helmed Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist. Ansah had launched a Kickstarter campaign for the project in April 2013, but he soon canceled the crowdfunding initiative after receiving full funding from unnamed supporters.

Ansah co-wrote the script for the new series with Christian Howard. Jacqueline Quella, who also produced Street Fighter: Legacy, produced the series.

street-fighter-assassin-fistThe series, which was set in Japan, is a coming of age story for Ryu and Ken, but it also featured Gōken, Gōki/Akuma, and Gōtetsu. Togo Igawa (The Last Samurai, 47 Ronin) played Gōtetsu, while Mike Moh (Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight, School Dance) played Ryu. Akira Koieyama (Blood: The Last Vampire,47 Ronin) played Gōken, and Shōgen (Kaiji: The Ultimate Gambler, The Shadow Inside) played young Gōken. Gaku Space (Shake It Up!, How I Met Your Mother) played young Gōki. Mark Killeen (The Game of Thrones, The Dark Knight Rises) played Mr. Masters. Ansah and Howard played Akuma and Ken, respectively. Hal Yamanouchi (The Wolverine, Push) played Senzō.

Machinima released the series on its YouTube channel in May 2014, and Funimation licensed the series for release in North America. Funimation released the series on Blu-ray Disc in October 2014.

Machinima had announced at San Diego Comic Con in July 2014 that it was working on the Street Fighter: World Warrior sequel live-action project with a planned launch date of late 2015 to early 2016.

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