Even if your kitty is currently an unemployed layabout, you can be fairly sure he dreams of world domination, and since they always say you should dress for the job you want, you might was to consider getting him some of these super-stylish designer shirt collars to put him on the path to overlordship.

Tre Bottoni, Italian for three buttons, is the original product of online cat specialty store 56nyan, who say these collars are for the trendiest and most fashion-forward cats. They are fully adjustable to fit any size feline.


You can’t deny, the collars give these models a certain look, though it’s hard to tell from the pictures whether the look promises success beyond your wildest dreams or a revenge hairball on your pillow tonight.

▼ I can’t decide if I want to kill you or conduct a hostile takeover of Apple.


▼ I should buy a boat.



Source: Togech
Images: 56nyan.com