We’ve previously seen Japan’s amazing cat islands and rabbit island, and today, we’re excited to show you yet another animal wonderland, though this time it’s not in Japan!

An uninhabited island, Big Major Cay, located in Exuma of the Bahamas, is home to what are arguably the world’s happiest pigs! More commonly known as Pig Island or Pig Beach by the locals, this tropical getaway is famous for none other than its adorable swimming pigs!

Exuma of the Bahamas consists of 360 islands, and there’s no doubt that Big Major Cay is the cutest island of all with all these friendly carefree pigs and piglets frolicking on its beach! It is unclear where these pigs came from; some say they survived a shipwreck and swam to shore, some think they escaped from a neighboring island, while others believe that the pigs were brought to the island as part of a marketing scheme to attract tourists. Whichever it is, it doesn’t change the fact that these four-legged pals are the happiest pigs we’ve ever seen!

▼ These pigs simply love swimming!swimming_pigs_03

▼ The pigs are fed by the locals and tourists.swimming_pigs_05

▼ When boats go near to the shore, they’ll swim up to the boats and ask to be fed.pig8





▼ Now that they’ve mastered swimming, maybe they’ll start riding ski boats next!VJK8yOh

▼ Watch them swim!

These pigs are quite the exceptional swimmers, aren’t they! If your ideal beach getaway is a place where you can roll in the sands and relax in clear waters with pigs, this pig island is probably what you’d call paradise!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: Wikipedia CommonsVacalouca, Forget Home, Water View Part Two