Everyone loves rabbits! With their long ears, adorable noses, cute plump bodies, and prophetic abilities, they’re almost as loveable as penguins or kittens!

And fortunately for all you rabbit lovers out there, a veritable rabbit paradise exists in the form of Ōkunoshima, an island just 3.4 kilometers (about 2.1 miles) off the coast of Japan’s Hiroshima Prefecture! Here hundreds of wild bunnies romp freely and openly around the island–happy to bound up to humans for food. You don’t know cute until you’ve seen a literal “rabbit stampede!”


Ōkunoshima, now a relatively quiet island, was once the home to a poison gas factory during World War II, but currently it is home to the Poison Gas Museum and has been incorporated into the Inland Sea National Park system.

Far more importantly, though, Ōkunoshima is also home to hundreds of wild but human-friendly rabbits. Having no natural predators on the island, the bunnies have pretty much completely taken over and will literally run to people carrying food. It’s really the best of both worlds! You get to pet the bunnies, but you don’t have to clean up their poop.


In fact, the rabbits are such a large draw for tourists that they’re somewhat under protection. All dogs–with the exception of guide dogs–are strictly prohibited on the island! Probably a good idea–the rabbits don’t seem like they’d understand the concept of “run away from the chomping teeth” too well.

And now we present to you the cutest thing you’ll probably see all day or maybe even all week: Videos from Rabbit Island!

First, we have one simply title “Rabbit Stampede.” Turns out to be one of the most accurate title in the history of YouTube videos

Once you’re done squealing with delight, be sure to check out this somewhat calmer but no less adorable video of the rabbits taken in various spots around the island.

For some reason, we just can’t stop sighing, “Awwwwwwwwwwww!”

So, who’s up for a field trip?? We’ve got the bunny food–you bring the cameras!

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