Remember Okunoshima, the tiny Japanese island that’s home to hundreds of freely hopping bunnies? Well one intrepid rabbit lover recently paid the place a visit, not just to see its furry masters with his own eyes, but to film himself being offered up to the rabbits for our viewing pleasure.

It’s like he’s being set upon by a ravenous herd of tiny, fluffy zombies…

Uploaded by bunny-tastic YouTube channel my bb bunny, the video shows one very brave young man presenting himself to Okunoshima’s rabbit population, lying down on the ground and covering his body with rabbit food like a pig glazing itself with honey at the start of a viking feast. It doesn’t take long before he almost completely disappears beneath a sea of fur and vicious (ok, maybe not so vicious) chomping mouths.

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Source/feature image: YouTube – my bb bunny