And it doesn’t hurt to walk on it with your bare feet!

Nagasaki Prefecture, in southwestern Japan, is a travel destination that has quite a lot to offer. There’s a shrine whose pathway appears only at certain times of the day, and during Lunar New Year you can enjoy a gorgeous lantern festival. Plus, only there can you sample a special kind of tuna sushi rolls.

If you’re planning a trip to Nagasaki, you may want to include a stop at this nameless beach in Omura City. Why? Here you won’t find the white sand beaches of a tropical paradise, nor the black volcanic sand that can be found at beaches near Tokyo; instead the “sand” glitters in a rainbow of colors that makes for a spectacularly colorful ocean-side view. It’s unique because it’s made entirely of glass!

The beach is part of Morizono Park, which has a lovely view of Omura Bay. There’s a sea wall between the park and the beach, but you can access the beach by descending a small flight of stairs. From afar, it looks like an ordinary beach, but once you get up close, it’s a totally different picture! The dazzlingly colorful pebbles are made from recycled glass, and their edges are rounded, like sea glass, so it’s safe to touch and even to walk on.

The only downside to this beach is that there’s no swimming allowed, but that’s probably because Omura City is working on restoring the water of the bay, and this beach is a part of that. In fact, it didn’t always exist! A rocky outcropping that was often covered with algae was once in its place, but because the algae’s decomposition, especially in summer, was so smelly and so pervasive as it washed across the bay, they created this beach out of pulverized glass in order to prevent it from growing.

It seems to have helped with the smell, and it’s created a beautiful aesthetic too, so it’s a win-win for Omura City! Plus, just inland of the beach, there is a nice grassy field dotted with palm trees, where you will probably see families barbecuing and picnicking on weekends and holidays in the warmer months. This is the main part of Morizono Park, and a lovely place to stop for lunch with a bento and a Japan-exclusive Pepsi.

If you visit Nagasaki, we recommend that you stay in a castle or rent a private island, and have this beach on your list of things to see while touring and eating your way through this beautiful, historic, coastal prefecture. You can even stop in on your way to or from the airport, since it can be accessed right from the airport road!

Park information
Morizono Park / 森園公園
Address: Nagasaki-ken Omura-shi Morizonomachi 1484
長崎県大村市森園町 1484

Reference: Nagatochi
Source: Twitter/@ruler________ via Hachimakiko
Featured image: Instagram/@karo.0122.77