Remember the other day when we announced the surprisingly fresh looking Avocado Burger Series from McDonald’s Japan? Many, including us couldn’t help but get drawn in to the heaps of vibrant green avocado bulging out of a firm ciabatta bun, even though deep down we knew it was too good to be true.

With their release date of 17 April here, many rushed to their nearest McDonald’s outlet to get a first crack at the uncharacteristically fresh and healthy looking sandwich. Unfortunately, what the first few customers reported was not pretty.

So are these customer reviews doing the avocado burgers justice, or is there still some truth in advertising left? We picked one up to see for ourselves.

First here are some diners’ take on the new burgers via Twitter.

“Mac Avocado Burger reality”

The above image led to disappointed comments of “I know it’s hard to keep changing burger making techniques with all these new flavors… But this is terrible” and “Oh, I thought McDonald’s was getting better.”

Others Tweeted their pics of Avocado Chicken and Avocado Shrimp. Although their reviews were positive, the pictures still didn’t quite match up to the adverts.

“Avocado Burger Now.”

“I ate right away! McDonald’s Avocado Shrimp Burger. It was delicious.”

Knowing the difference some lighting and angles can make when shooting food, we picked up an Avocado Beef burger ourselves to see if the reality really sucks or not. In its wrapping the sandwich looked rather thick. It was a promising start.

After opening it was less impressive. Rather than the firm cut of ciabatta balanced atop a mountain of avocado chunks and sauce, it was indeed a droopy affair.

Still, the slice of bacon sticking out looked of good quality and thickness for McDonald’s. It was time to look under the hood and see what’s going on.

Although it was hidden by the bun, there actually was a rather generous portion of avocado underneath. Eating it only confirmed that, as the taste of it dominated the other components of the burger easily.

So the good news is that if you’re a fan of avocado and hamburgers this sandwich will absolutely deliver in the flavor department. The bad news is it doesn’t quite live up to the ads in the looks department, which is just par for the course really.

Source: Nikita Soku (Japanese)
Images: RocketNews24