Around the world, fast food chain McDonald’s prides itself on its trademark menu, designed to feed the needs of busy customers on the go.

For one night only, though, the giant company will slow down the pace by taking a step into luxury dining, with a special multi-course meal that includes a platter of patties, a vichyssoise made from French fries and a gelée made with McDonald’s vegetables.

The special pop-up eatery, called Restaurant M, is set to appear at Roppongi Hills in Tokyo on July 27. The event is designed to showcase the new summer range of “Fresh Mac” burgers, which sees the Bacon Lettuce Burger, Chicken Fillet Burger and Fillet-O-Fish Burger given a “fresh” upgrade with the addition of vegetables like tomato, onion, lettuce, red cabbage and yellow bell pepper (or capsicum, as diners with particularly advanced vocabularies might insist on calling it).


The dining experience is limited to ten groups of 20 lottery-winning diners, who will be seated at fancy tables complete with menus, napkins, silverware, and wine glasses filled with iced tea.



Two of the most inventive items on the menu are the gelée made with Fresh Mac vegetables (left) and a dainty-looking French fry vichyssoise (right).


▼ Encasing lettuce, avocado and bell pepper in gelatin instantly translates into high-class eating.


▼ A number of patties form a unique tasting platter, complete with a variety of dipping sauces. The fresh vegetables feature as the highlight of the dish.



▼ For the main course, customers will dine on a full-size Fresh Mac burger. With a knife and fork.

▼ Feast your eyes on dessert. It’s a silver spoon re-interpretation of the popular Oreo McFlurry, served with a good helping of berries.

▼ No disposable cups here! Enjoy the flavour of a Mickey Dee’s coffee with a cup and saucer.


For the chance to attend the exclusive supper, be sure to complete an official application form by 9 a.m. on Tuesday July 21.


If we’re lucky enough to get a seat at the table, we’ll be sure to let you know!

Source: McDonald’s Japan
Top image: Sorrida
Insert images: Sorrida, Bimi