The video game star who’s always ready to eat wants to share your lunch.

As the country’s most popular domestic burger chain, Mos Burger often gets called “the McDonald’s of Japan.” That’s not a perfect analogy, though, since really McDonald’s Japan is the McDonald’s of Japan, and also because in contrast to McDonald’s’ slick/tear-jerking ad campaigns, Mos Burger tends to keep its marketing pretty low-key and focus primarily on the flavor of its food.

As a matter of fact, Mos has been so laid-back in talking about its latest promotion, which began on September 17, that a lot of people weren’t even aware of it until this week when the chain’s official Twitter account reminded everyone that right now it’s teaming up with Nintendo’s amicable amorphous icon Kirby.

Instead of just sticking some Kirby toys in its kids meals (though Mos is doing that too), the star of Kirby Star Allies, and dozens of other games, is also appearing on Mos’ paper takeout bags and burger wrappers.

It’s an especially appropriate partnership because one of Kirby’s few latent powers is the ability to swallow items and enemies whole.

To clarify, you don’t have to order a kids meal to get the special Kirby wrapper or bag, or even ask for one specifically. Because of that, Kirby has been an adorable but unexpected dining companion for some customers when they were handed their order.

In addition to a cascade of “Kawaii!”, reactions to Mos Burger’s reminder, comments have included:

“That settles it – picking up some Mos tomorrow!”
“This is so cute that after seeing it I immediately ran to Mos.”
“What kind of powers does Kirby gain after he absorbs a Mos Burger?”
“I feel like no matter how many he eats, he’ll always be hungry for more.”

As if Kirby wasn’t cute enough on the sealed wrapper, in Japan it’s customary to keep the sandwich inside the wrapper as you eat it (as opposed to removing the wrapper entirely before your first bite). Because the paper is translucent, you can still see Kirby from the opposite side, sometimes making for a 3-D effect with the hamburger.

▼ And if you do go with a kids meal, you’ll also get a pen, pouch, or hand towel, all things grown-ups can appreciate too.

As a few disappointed commenters pointed it, it seems like not each and every Mos Burger location is using the Kirby bags and wrappers, but they’re common enough that we got some with our order from a basic suburban branch in the Tokyo area, so it’s not like they’re exclusive to flagship restaurants. The tie-up is going on for a limited, though unspecified, time, so we’d recommend eating a burger as soon as the opportunity presents itself (but then again, that’s pretty much always our advice).

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