The best thing about Burger King’s home delivery? You get to decide how much avocado is too much avocado.

A lot of us are ordering in our meals nowadays, perhaps even more than we might usually. With many of us staying in place to limit the spread of Covid-19, that means more meals cooked at home, more dishes to clean, and when you add that on top of the strain of adjusting to working from home — or the much greater strain of being deemed essential enough to work outside of it — is it any wonder that the siren song of the delivery menu is calling louder than ever before?

▼ You can’t just walk in for a Whopper nowadays.

Burger King, eager to get in on this new market, announced a limited-time home delivery service in April: The CooKING Burger @ Home delivery set. For just 1,080 yen (US$10.09) Burger King will deliver you two 100-percent beef, 5.1-inch diameter patties along with two soft sesame-topped buns to transport them to your mouth. For 2,000 yen, you get double the patties and double the buns! The patties are grilled in-house, so all you have to do to enjoy them at home is heat them up.

Our Japanese-language reporter Seiji thought this sounded great, so he placed an order with delivery service Demae-can for a set of two patties for 1,500 yen (including the 420 yen shipping fee). When they arrived at his door, they did so in a paper takeout bag: and emptying the bag revealed his prize.

▼ From here it looks like two Whoppers and two boxes of chicken nuggets.

The Whopper wrapping actually contains the buns, while the paper boxes are used to transport the beef patties. The order came without any extraneous sauces or garnishes, not even a single pickle. It made quite a tragic sight when Seiji assembled his order.

▼ This hardly deserves to be called a hamburger!

Then Seiji had a horrible realization.

He’s not the kind of guy who has a lot of ingredients lounging around in his fridge, even at the best of times.

Scrambling to the refrigerator, Seiji wildly scanned its shelves in the hope of finding something, anything, that could perk up his depressingly barren burger.

▼ Drinks and seasonings everywhere, but not a topping in sight.

As he tore through jars of mustard and cartons of vegetable juice like a dying man in the desert, he happened upon a discarded quarter of an avocado he’d left there two days earlier. He loaded it atop the beef patty, then smothered it in cheese.

▼ This is looking better already!

Add a squirt of mayonnaise, a dash of chili sauce, and…voila!

Now Seiji’s burger looked the part, but how did it taste?

Seiji’s verdict…


Not only was his thrown-together burger delicious, it also revitalized Seiji’s creative mind. He’d seen his refrigerator as a despairing wasteland with no potential — but once sandwiched around Burger King’s beef patty, his discarded avocado and leftover cheese gained a new lease on life. Where can you use leftover chopped green onions? Why, as a burger topping, of course! Seiji looked at his fridge with a newfound respect for its contents now, and it was all thanks to the home delivery Whopper: the perfect midpoint between cooking at all and eating takeout.

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