Rakuten Research has released the results of an online poll about the kinds of men women in Japan do not want to marry, and as a result the heads of lonely trolls are exploding all over Japan.

Collating results from 100 female secretaries between the ages of 30 and 49, the survey had three possible answers for each prompt: “I’d be OK with marrying him,” “I’d be hesitant to marry him,” and “I absolutely would not marry him.” Only the 10 list of undesirable traits in potential husbands were published, and only three qualify as being so bad that the respondents said there’s no way they’d marry them.

10. He likes work so much he almost always works on days off.

This one wasn’t too bad with Japanese women. They said they’d be alright with marrying this type of man, but its presence on the list shows it’s far from their favorite quality in a partner. It’s hard to find fault with excessive overtime in Japan anyway, as such behavior could get you labeled as a “monster employee.”


Next, numbers 4-9 all got an overall response of “I’d be hesitant to marry him.” They’re not deal-breakers, but no one’s lining up to snag these guys, either.

9. He flatters his superiors.

Does anyone like a kiss-up? It appears not.

8. He changes jobs often.

While Western readers might feel like this is unreasonable, you’re expected to stay with one company for most of your professional life in Japan. Changing jobs too often might mean people peg you as unreliable or disloyal.

7. He flatters women.

It’s almost like flattery is different from sincere compliments…

6. He only uses pet names with cute female coworkers.

But old-timey sexual harassment is so in, eh Tootsie?


5. He wastes time.

If you’re going to be married, you might want to spend time together once in a while.

4. He thinks chores are  the woman’s job.

You can just say goodbye to having a career or any kind of life outside the home if you marry this guy.


Finally, the last three qualities had women running for the hills.

3. He tends to show contempt towards women.

It’s refreshing to hear this, as Japan keeps sliding down the ranks with regard to the gender gap.

2. He seems like he would be lost without his job.

Retired life is going to be painful if you’re taking care of someone who doesn’t know how to cope.

1. He often says or does things that show he looks down on others.

The Waiter Rule: it applies to marriage, too!

When these results were shared online in Japan, a post at news site Jin was accompanied by the following ASCII art (translated by us) of a woman beating the snot out of a man. We think they pretty much nailed it.




If you liked that, you’ll love some of the comments. Some of them are reasonable.

“Even men hate these kinds of men.”

And then some of them are hilariously dense.

“Contempt towards women? Flattering women?”
“So what are these guys supposed to say? This is contempt towards men in spite of the flattery.”

You’ve got to love some of the responses to this comment.

“I think they must be talking about you.”

“I’m positive this must be about you.”

“Now I know you will never get married.”

It’s brought out a few paranoids.

“The media is just stirring up conflict between men and women LOL”

“The real reason for the declining birth rate is the media.”

And of course, people who just kind of hate women.

“But it’s different if you have money.”

“I wouldn’t want these women. Damn pig women!”

That’s the risk of reading online comments though, isn’t it?

Source: Jin
Images: Jin, Wikipedia, Flickr (1, 2, 3)