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After pictures of the Pope at the weekly General Audience were circulated online, internet users everywhere have noticed something peculiar: it looks eerily like the entrance of the last boss in a Final Fantasy game. If you don’t believe me, read on!

For the full experience, hit play before continuing:

Our story takes place in Rome, at the Paul VI Audience Hall. It looks innocent from the outside, but danger lurks within.

▼ Who would ever suspect something sinister of happening in a building covered with solar panels?


Inside, there is an enormous statue called La Resurrezione, depicting Jesus rising from the dead. Specifically, it shows him rising from the crater left after a nuclear explosion. No, seriously.


The sculpture measures 23 feet tall and weighs 8 tons. That’s hard to put into perspective, but when you do…

▼ Gah! Look out!


▼ Not to worry. Everyone knows the last boss has to make a speech before attacking.


The sculpture is sometimes lit in different colors.

▼ How are they not wetting themselves? 


Almost like he’s being attacked or something.

▼ Is this the crater?


Although I’m not sure whose side the Pope is on.

▼ I feel like there is a minion in this picture, but I’m not sure who it is…


For those who subscribe to more of a sci-fi view of the the Pope, you are not alone:

Source: LabaQ
Images: LabaQ, Wikipedia, YouTube