It’s hard to believe this photo of a barista in a Michigan Starbucks is a real photograph of a real person, not an image created by the team at Square Enix.

This is Jordan, and he’s an American barista. He’s also a cosplayer in his free time, which may explain why his hair looks like he walked right out of a Final Fantasy game. In fact, he looks strikingly like a blond version of Noctis from the upcoming Final Fantasy XV. It’s those perfectly symmetrical facial features.

▼ They could be twins.

They could be twins.

When he’s not making coffee, Jordan enjoys transforming into beloved characters. “For moments of time I get to be someone or something I am normally not, almost like acting. I wear the costumes I create to conventions, as well as model for photo shoots. I transform myself into a character I adore, and momentarily am perceived as that character by others,” he says on the Starbucks Partners Instagram account.

It’s actually hard to tell if that’s his real hair or if he’s wearing a wig in the photo. Either way, he is preternaturally beautiful–just like a Final Fantasy character. Jordan, if you haven’t yet cosplayed Noctis, please consider it!

Source: Instagram/starbuckspartners
Top Image: Instagram/starbuckspartners
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