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Not a fan of the boy wizard? Maybe you’d prefer to hold your meeting in the Wonderland room instead.

Modern technology has made telecommuting an increasingly viable option, so much so that some companies have far more employees than there’s actually room for in their offices. Still, certain projects require an all-hands, face-to-face meeting, at which time flexible organizations book time in a rental conference space.

Most of these facilities are plain-looking rooms furnished with nondescript tables and chairs, all the better to help them accommodate customers belonging to any type of company. In Tokyo’s otaku oasis of Akihabara, though, there’s a rental meeting space that does things a little differently.

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The two Idea no Shiro (“Idea Castle”) conference rooms belong to IT firm Zeeboon, which has been using them since their completion last August. As of June 1, though, they’re available for anyone to rent, which means you and you coworkers could be discussing next quarter’s revenue projections in the Royal Palace Magic School, as this particular room is called.

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Taking heavy cues from the Harry Potter franchise, the entrance is modeled to look like a secret underground passage. Inside the room itself, you’ll find owl cages and swords hung about the room, and even a stone throne for your boss to sit on.

▼ The throne is flanked by leather armchairs with footrests, presumably for lower-ranking members of the royal court/corporate hierarchy.

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Zeeboon says that the unorthodox setting will stimulate workers’ minds and help them return to the creative, free-thinking mentality of an innocent child. Much of the same could be said for its second themed conference space: Alice’s White Room.

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The room wraps visitors in a storybook atmosphere, and not just because of the artwork. Covering the walls are passages from Lewis Carrol’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

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But despite their magical-looking trappings, both rooms are outfitted with such contemporary necessities as 60-inch monitors and wireless Internet service.

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The Royal Palace Magic School and Alice’s White Room are identically sized at 100 square meters (1,076 square feet), although the former is listed as having a capacity of 54 people compared to the latter’s 46. An hour in either fantasy land costs 30,000 yen (US$270), but on the plus side, there’s no entrance exam for the magic academy, and no murderous Red Queen running around this version of Wonderland.

Casey is now wishing he had a throne to sit on, but would be just as happy with some new Twitter followers.

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