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You know something is popular when it starts getting adapted into anime, drama CDs, movies and games. But maybe one of the biggest and strangest adaptations is the musical. Oddly enough, staged musicals are popular enough in Japan that plenty of series get live-action singing and dancing versions performed for ecstatic fans in packed theaters. If you’re not convinced that a musical means a popular title has hit the big time, how about a third musical?

That’s right, Black Butler is set for its third musical and the final cast photos have been released!

If you’ve never heard of Black Butler before, here’s how it goes: a young nobleman makes a deal with a demon in order to claim vengeance for the death of his parents. The demon disguises himself as his butler and together they work in Victorian London unraveling all sorts of plots and schemes. There’s a good deal of murder along with memorable characters and it has a very strong fan base.

▼ “Your tea, young master.”

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The new musical, titled Musical Black Butler – Licorice that Burns in the Ground (ミュージカル『黒執事』―地に燃えるリコリス―, myujiikaru kuroshitsuji – chi ni moeru ricorisuu), will cover the Jack the Ripper story arc from the manga — a fitting storyline as every Victorian manga set in London should have a Ripper story! The plot follows the main characters Ciel and Sebastian as they team up with other butlers and masters in order to solve the infamous Jack the Ripper serial murders.

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This will be the third Black Butler musical after the successful runs of That Butler, Friendship and Musical Black Butler: The Most Beautiful Death in The World – A Thousand Souls and The Fallen Grim Reaper in 2009 and 2010 respectively. The cast for the newest musical will mostly be same as the one that appeared in the second run of Musical Black Butler: The Most Beautiful Death in The World – A Thousand Souls and The Fallen Grim Reaper in 2012, but there area a few new faces too.

▼ Yuya Matsushita as Sebastian Michaelis

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▼ Nayuta Fukuzaki as Ciel Phatomhive

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▼ Takuya Uehara as Grell Sutcliff

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▼ Motohiro Ota as Charles Grey

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▼ Yuka Terasaki as Mey-Rin

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▼ Shuhei Izumi as the Undertaker

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▼ A full look at the cast for the musical

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Musical Black Butler – Licorice that Burns in the Ground will debut on November 7 at Osaka’s Umeda Arts Theater Main Hall. The show will then move to the Natori Cultural Center in Miyagi Prefecture on November 14, followed by a run at Tokyo’s Akasaka ACT Theater starting November 21 and ending with a final set of performances at the Fukuoka Canal City Theater starting on December 4. Tickets will go on sale for all dates on August 30 at 10 a.m. JST.

Source: Comic Natalie
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