First-ever Minions collaboration arrives just in time for Despicable Me 4.

Japan’s premier doughnut chain Mister Donut has teamed up with locally born brands and businesses for some awesome collaborations in recent years, but now it’s joining forces with some famous characters that hail from overseas — Minions!

The tie-up campaign comes ahead of the 19 July release of Despicable Me 4 in Japan, in which the Minions play a starring role, as they have since the first instalment in the franchise premiered in 2010. The new doughnuts capture all the fun and mayhem of the Minions as they take over some of Mister Donut’s most popular products, starting with…

▼…the Minion Pon de Popping Ring (275 yen [US$1.70])

This new take on the chain’s Pon de Ring doughnut features a bright yellow banana milk-flavoured chocolate icing, with blue sugar chocolate popping candy to resemble denim overalls. The crackling texture of the candy on your tongue conveys the mischievous personality of the Minions, as do the bespectacled chocolate eyes.

Next up, we have the Minion Mango Fashion (275 yen)

Mister Donut’s Old-Fashioned doughnut gets a mango sauce coating for this new release, with a secret whipped cream filling inside to express the Minion’s mischievous personality. The takeover is complete with a character face placed on top of the doughnut.

▼ The final doughnut in the range is the Minion Golden Pop (308 yen)

Whipped chocolate cream is squeezed into these bite-sized golden chocolate balls, with one single Minion ball, coated with yellow banana milk-flavoured chocolate, adding a dash of naughtiness.

Minions are known for their expressive eyes, so the chain has created a total of four different chocolate versions to be used on the Golden Pop and the Pon de Popping Ring doughnuts.

The Minion Mango Fashion comes with one of the following three different facial expressions, so you never know which Minion you’re going to meet…and eat!

As a bonus for diehard fans, the chain is adding a couple of glasses to the lineup as well.

▼ The Minion Tsuyoko Glass

And the Minion Glass

While the doughnuts can be purchased separately, the glasses can only be purchased as part of a set.

The Minion Tsuyoko Glass Set (660 yen for eat-in or 648 yen for takeout) includes one glass, one Minion doughnut of your choice, and a specially marked paper bag to carry it all in.

The Minion Glass Set (990 yen for eat-in or 972 yen for takeout) includes one glass, one Minion doughnut of your choice, and a specially marked paper bag.

The collection will only be available in limited numbers from 10 July to late August, so be sure to get in quick to encounter these naughty Minions while you can!

Source, images: PR Times
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