No, Elvis is not dead. He just went home to shelter in place.

While Western audiences may know Tommy Lee Jones best for his titular performance as K in the Men in Black franchise, in Japan he’s also well-known for appearing in a series of commercials since 2006 for Suntory’s Boss coffee brand. Dubbed “Uchuujin Jones,” or “Alien Jones” in these commercials, our favorite galactic superstar has been working hard on Earth to study the wondrous and strange ways of the human world by participating in a variety of everyday activities—from working as a humble delivery man to fixing a space station, Alien Jones has certainly been very, very busy.

However, given the recent changes to the COVID-19 situation in Japan, the state of emergency has been lifted for the entire country but anxieties are still running high. That’s why Alien Jones is here to give some inter-galactic advice for these chaotic times in Suntory’s newest Boss coffee commercial.

Narrated by Takayuki Sugo, who also dubbed Tommy Lee Jones’s character K when the Men in Black franchise was localized in Japan, the commercial is a compilation of past commercials shot for the brand. Here are a few select pieces of advice given by Alien Jones that’s appropriate for all living beings social distancing in all corners of the universe:

1. With all your power, wash your hands! Minimum twenty seconds and with soap, whether it’s cold or hot water.

2. Wear your mask and make sure to maintain over two meters (six feet) of distance from others.

3. Stay at home.

4. When possible, air out the room.

5. Don’t forget to smile from time to time.

6. Prioritize life over current fancies and urges.

▼ “Amusements in front of you” on small meteorite and “Life” on big meteorite

7. Make arrangements to work remotely.

The commercial ends on a tearjerking note to respect and honor those who work in essential service roles, including but not limited to those working in the medical field and as delivery personnel, especially considering how many on the front lines are often bereft of protective equipment and adequate pay despite the important labor they provide.

▼ Do your part lest Alien Jones has to come through with his interstellar posse.

For those who are diehard fans of Alien Jones or wouldn’t mind binging content with Tommy Lee Jones while sheltering in place, check out his cameo for Japanese cellphone provider SoftBank and his tearful goodbye for the Heisei era as well!

Source, images: Suntory, YouTube/サントリー公式チャンネル (SUNTORY)
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