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Now, we at RocketNews24 aren’t afraid of admitting that we have a huge love of cats–we’ve featured felines and cat-related products on our pages hundreds of times over the last few years. Well, once again, we’ve found another irresistible cat-themed creation that we just had to share with you. That’s right, here’s another utterly adorable treat designed after cat paws — and this time, they’re not marshmallows, but tasty fishcakes known as kamaboko!

Yup, they just had to make soft, cute fishcakes in the shape of cat paws to drive us cat lovers crazy. And to make them even more tempting, these kamaboko contain a cream cheese filling!

But there’s more to the cat paw kamaboko cakes that make them special than just their appearance. The fishcakes are made by the skilled workers at Ikuji Kamaboko, a long established kamaboko manufacturer in Toyama Prefecture with a history of over 80 years, and the water used in the cakes is one of the “100 best waters in Japan” that comes from the Kurobe region, so the product is definitely high-quality.

The bite-sized pieces of kamaboko are also bound to be flavorful with their cream cheese filling and can be enjoyed as part of a meal or as a snack. Imagine how delightful it would be to have such cute fishcakes in your bento lunch!

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The unique fishcakes are available from Ikuji Kamaboko’s online shop at a price of 432 yen (US$4.25) for four pieces of paw-shaped kamaboko and one additional kamaboko in the shape of a cat’s face. You can also apparently order them without the cream cheese filling if you prefer your kamaboko plain.

▼Even the box they come in is cute!
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Okay, so it’s really no surprise that we already love these cakes. I mean, they’re soft and tasty and cat paw-shaped — how could we not? So, here’s to the creative efforts of the folks at Ikuji Kamaboko, because anything cute and yummy is certainly welcome in our books!

Source and photos: Ikuji Kamaboko website (Japanese)
Original article by: Sandal Kusunoki (c)Pouch