hot cake finished 1

It’s no secret that here at RocketNews24, we’re fond of anything cute and sweet, and we’ve certainly introduced our share of adorable-looking treats on our site, from totoro cream puffs and macaroons to marshmallow cat paws. Well, continuing in that spirit, we bring to you another delightful creation that looks too precious to eat! This time it’s a home-cooked snack that basically involves making pancakes, but the end result is still devastatingly cute!

Yes, it’s the “cat paw pancake“, and once you see the picture below, we think you’ll understand why Japanese Internet users are screaming “kawaii!!

hot cake finished 2

The picture was shared by Twitter user w_3_t_k (who also calls himself the “hot cake uncle”), and he even shows us how he went about making his beautiful edible creation.

▼He starts by presenting all the ingredients, commenting that it’s time for a little sinful cooking!
hotcake ingredients

▼He uses 50cc (approx. 1.7 oz) of rum in his recipe.
hotcake rum

▼He adds an egg to the rum.
hotcake egg added

▼Other ingredients include: 100cc (3.4 oz) of processed soy milk, one tablespoon of honey …
hotcake soy milk and honey added

▼… and 150g (5.3 oz) of Morinaga hot cake powder mix (hot cake mix in Japan is usually sweeter than plain pancake mix)
hotcakemix added

▼He first cooks three thin pancakes using the mix.
hotcake egg cook three

▼Then he adds chocolate syrup to the remaining mix to cook the darker pieces that make up the cat paw.
hotcake choc syrup added

▼Here’s the finished pancake dish. The image makes you want to reach out and touch the paw, doesn’t it?
hot cake finished 1

▼And this is what the complete snack (or more like a meal) looked like!
hotcake complete meal

Now, how adorable is that? Well, we certainly think cat paws and pancakes make for a winning combination! I mean, who can resist a warm, soft snack in a shape like that? It doesn’t look too complicated to make (if you can make nice round pancakes, that is), so this may be the perfect treat to surprise someone with, especially if you have some cat lovers among your family and friends. Happy and sweet cooking!

Source: Togetter (Japanese) via Togech (Japanese), Twitter(@w_3_t_k)
Photos: Twitter(@w_3_t_k)