marsh christmas set total

Now that we’re well into December and with winter in full swing, it seems we’re more and more often in need of warm, comforting drinks. And if there’s a way to make the hot drinks cute as well as relaxing, so much the better, right?

Well, earlier this year, we brought to you a story about the perfect product for that — cat-paw marshmallows! And now, it  seems the same people have come out with a special Christmas set of the marshmallows, and they looked so beautiful (and cute, of course), we just had to share the images with you again.

Specialty marshmallow store Yawahada, which literally means “soft skin” in Japanese, has been delighting cat-loving consumers with their adorable edible creations for several years now. In addition to their regular cat-paw shaped marshmallows in vanilla, earl grey and chocolate flavors, they also sell special latte marshmallows that allow you to enjoy amazing latte art right at home, without the need for any special skills. All you have to do is place the marshmallow in your hot drink, and voilà, your beverage is turned practically into a work of art. It really is ingenious how you can appreciate the marshmallow first as a fluffy three-dimensional object and then later as two-dimensional art in your drink as the marshmallow melts.

▼Beautiful cat-paw art just by placing a marshmallow in your drink
marsh latte art

It’s easy to understand how these unique marshmallows have become quite popular with Japanese consumers, and we guess it’s not at all surprising that the folks at Yawahada would come out with a special “Christmas Box” of these edible cat-paws.

The Christmas offering this year consists of: four cheese-flavored cat-paw marshmallows containing dried strawberries, two apple-flavored ribbon marshmallows and two lemon-flavored snowflake marshmallows, for a price of 1,050yen (US$10). Yum … the descriptions alone sound absolutely delicious!

▼The Christmas Box — the presentation of the marshmallows is just beautiful!
marsh christmas set total

▼The gorgeous snowflake marshmallow
marsh snowflake

▼The ribbon marshmallows and snowflake marshmallows can be enjoyed with your tea to add an apple or lemon flavor
marsh ribon tea

Unfortunately, the marshmallows are proving to be so popular that the limited 200 sets of the Christmas Box sold out within a day of coming on sale last week. Well, all we can say is, there certainly seems to be huge demand for these pieces of marshmallow art!

The Christmas Boxes may be all gone, but not to worry, their regular cat-paw marshmallows are still on sale, as well as the darling three-dimensional cat marshmallows we introduced in our above-mentioned previous article.

▼Now isn’t that almost too cute to drink?
marsh 3D cat

▼The regular cat-paw marshmallows in three tasty flavors
marsh regular paws

At present, Yawahada doesn’t ship internationally, but it does say on their website that they hope to be able to set up a system for international shipping in the near future, so hopefully the day isn’t too far away when cat fans in countries around the world get to enjoy cat marshmallows and cat paw latte art in their drinks. And regardless of the occasion or country, we’re quite sure these marshmallows will make the purr-fect gift for anyone who loves cats!

Source: Yawahada online store (Japanese) via Entabe (Japanese)
Photos: Yawahada online store