What better Halloween treat for cat lovers than a soft, cat-shaped marshmallow filled with chocolate?

We’ve introduced some yummy looking cat-themed treats from Japanese online and catalogue retailer Felissimo before, and now that it’s October, they’ve created a special Halloween edition of their popular Nyarshmallows! And yes, the seasonal version of the cat-shaped marshmallows are just as adorable as the regular ones, if not cuter.

The almost-too-cute-to eat Nyrashmallows get their name from a combination of the sound “nyā”, which is the Japanese expression for a cat’s meow, and the word marshmallow, and they’re now available in a version featuring their cat mascot “Tsundere-Nyan” in Halloween cosplay.

This time, the soft marshmallows made with pointy cat ears come in variations including a werewolf, ghost, mummy, Jack-o’-lantern and Dracula design.

Not only are the Nyarshmallows a delight to look at, but the marshmallow used to create the item is the product of a specialty marshmallow manufacturer and made with a highly pure white granulated sugar known as shirozaratou or shiro-zarame, so they’re bound to taste delectable as well. Plus, who can resist that chocolate filling inside?

▼ Who wouldn’t be tempted to squeeze these soft little guys?

The Nyarshmallows come individually wrapped in a box, so they should make a nice Halloween gift, and they’ll also be easy to give out at parties as well.

The Halloween Nyarshmallows can be ordered on the Felissimo online store until October 11 for delivery in late October at a price of 1,724 yen (US$15.30) for a box of six pieces. For cat lovers, an added bonus is that a part of the sales proceeds from this product will be donated to charity to help cats and other animals in need, so you’ll be contributing to a good cause in addition to getting to enjoy some tasty treats.

Unfortunately, the Halloween edition of the marshmallows are only available on Felissimo’s Japanese site for delivery in Japan, but if your heart is set on sweet, fluffy cat-shaped marshmallows, you can get some mini-size Nyarshmallows in different Japanese flavors on the Felissimo international site.

And if you find yourself torn between actually eating the marshmallows and wanting to keep looking at them, don’t worry, you can always order two boxes and keep one for display!

Source, images: Felissimo press releaseFelissimo online store