One of Japan’s most popular app games takes on a classic sweetshop staple.

Dragon Quest Walk was such a big deal when it launched in 2019 that it quickly became one of the hot-button phrases of the year, and much like the beloved J-RPG franchise that serves as its basis, it’s still going incredibly strong in Japan. The game has even teamed up with a few different properties to collaborate, including an actual real-world baseball team.

Our favorite tie-in so far, though, is the Real-World Souvenir Project. The first round of Real-World Souvenirs featured these adorable Slime and She-Slime kamaboko fish cakes, which we reported on last year.

Almost too cute to eat!

For the second round of collaborative souvenirs, Dragon Quest Walk has teamed up with a traditional Japanese sweet maker, Jumangoku. The Saitama-based business is known for their delicious manju or sweet dumplings, which are named Jumangold Manju — dumplings worth 100,000 pieces of gold. Working together with the Dragon Quest franchise, they’ve produced some truly special Slime-stamped dumplings.

Just like the kamaboko, these are a hot commodity among dedicated Dragon Quest fans. We had to doggedly sign on to their online store every morning at 10 a.m. to secure our maximum of three boxes of five dumplings, each priced at 780 yen (US$7).

▼ Three boxes plus shipping cost us 3,090 yen (US$28).

We cooed and d’awwed over the exclusive Slime art adorning our three precious boxes, then prepared to open it and view the tasty contents.

▼ It’s cute from every angle!

But when we cracked open the lid, there was an extra little bonus to the packaging that warmed our nerdy hearts…

…computer, enhance!

“You gained some 100,000 Gold Manju!”

The message is written in a textbox exactly like the ones that pop up during battles in the RPG itself. Except instead of foes drawing near or picking up loot, the box is congratulating you on your worthy purchase of dumplings.

Typical 100,000 Gold Manju sold by the store cost roughly 680 yen, so these Dragon Quest ones come at a 100-yen premium. The care that went into the packaging and the cute designs printed on the outside make this a trifling fee for any Dragon Quest fan worth their salt.

▼ Look at those little faces!

Only one of the dumplings has the slime-tower design. The rest of the pack have Juman Gold (“100,00 Gold”) on them, the name of the store’s traditional manju. In this way the Dragon Quest franchise is elevating a long line of Saitama sweet makers, introducing fans to a classic sweet to savor along their journey.

▼ And a quality sweet it is, too.

We shared the dumplings around the office and received plenty of comments of “delicious” and “you can tell this is a souvenir-standard sweet”.

These dumplings would pair excellently with a hot drink and a moment of respite spent doing something nice… like, for instance, playing Dragon Quest Walk.

▼ Some of our writers hadn’t tried these dumplings before, but they were a huge hit.

Take care, though, because this collaboration is only a limited-time deal and after August 31 they’ll be gone forever. But much like with the kamaboko offer, you can attempt some in-game challenges in Dragon Quest Walk for a chance to win a set of your own.

And if you’d rather spend the money on something a bit longer-lasting instead, how about a Slime teapot?

Images: SoraNews24
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