chow down Fiat

Opening in the US on May 16 and July 25 in Japan, Godzilla is making waves as one of this summer’s big blockbusters. But even before Godzilla’s gargantuan presence will grace the silver screen, he’s already making his rounds on the little screen. This latest commercial sees Italian car maker FIAT teaming up with Godzilla to answer the age-old question: “What’s your favorite food?”

red FIAT

The commercial begins with a speedy red FIAT trying to make its getaway. Godzilla, being what he is, casually picks up the tasty snack and tosses it back. All around, people are running away and outnumbered infantry attack Godzilla, but that isn’t going to disrupt him from his late-night post apocalypse snack time! He casually picks his way through other cars until he finds another new FIAT to chow down on.

baby blue FIAT

The final car is FIAT’s shiny new 500L, shown comfortably seating five escapees, Godzilla grabs it and throws it in his mouth, only to have misjudged the size a bit, chokes and ends up spitting the car back up!

yellow 500L FIAT

chow down Fiat

spit out Fiat

For those of you who aren’t car savvy, the 500L is currently FIAT’s only four-door car. Making the 500L a bit more fettuccine than linguine.

fett and ling

Internet reaction to the commercial has been pretty positive:

“To protect myself from Godzilla, I will buy a FIAT!”
“I’m looking forward to the movie more and more.”

Others are commenting on Godzilla’s eating habits:

“Godzilla, if you don’t properly chew your food…”
“I like how he delicately picks up cars, hahaha”
“Godzilla really eats anything, doesn’t he?”

Does Godzilla’s taste for the edibility of FIATs make you want to buy one? Does FIAT’s connection with the new Godzilla movie make you want to see the movie? Would those FIAT owners have made out any better if they had just let their cars get a little dirtier? Did you catch the little disclaimer near the end? Is there any correlation between choice of car and Godzilla disaster survivability?!? Let us know!

Source: Aol News
Images: YouTube (FIAT USA), Cook and Eat, Tasty Trix