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We bring good news and bad news. Remember back in February when we brought you a collection of gorgeous Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist production stills? Well, Machinima, Assassin’s Fist Limited, and Capcom U.S.A. have stepped it up with an official trailer and release date, and the trailer is as awesome as we hoped it would be.

The bad news is, the release date isn’t until May 23! That’s…too many sleeps away!

Based on the ever-popular fighting game series Street Fighter, Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist is a web series telling the story of Ryu, Ken and their master, Goken, as well as Goken’s brother, Goki (better known as Akuma) and their master, Gotetsu. As Ryu and Ken are two of the most popular characters in the Street Fighter universe, this story will be familiar to many, but fans are anxiously waiting to see a series that will do these characters justice.

The official trailer gives us a better look at the characters and action sequences that will be filling our screens in the near future.

You can catch a glimpse of their special techniques “hadoken” and “shouryuken” plus a little bit of hand-to-hand awesomeness. Created by and starring Joey Ansah and Christian Howard, who were both part of the same team that brought you “Street Fighter: Legacy” back in 2010, it looks positively awesome.

After an aborted Kickstarter campaign, since they found private backers Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist is finally going to be shown to the world. The comments for the trailer show that people are very excited and can’t wait to watch!

This will become a great series!

I can’t wait!

It’s an amazing trailer!


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All 12 webisodes of this, officially sanctioned by Capcom, production will be released on the Machinima YouTube channel on May 23. Finally, after two Hollywood Street Fighter films that were tested for the general public, and were huge box-office busts, this might be the faithful Street Fighter adaptation that we’ve all been waiting for!

The full cast list is below, with some character teaser trailers to follow.

Mike Moh as Ryu
Christian Howard as Ken Masters
Akira Koieyama as Gouken
Shogen Itokazu as Young Gouken
Gaku Space as Gouki
Hyunri Lee as Sayaka
Togo Igawa as Goutetsu
Mark Killeen as Mr. Masters (Ken’s father)
Hal Yamanouchi as Senzo

▼Ken’s Promo Trailer

▼Ryu’s Promo Trailer

Remember, May 23! See you there!

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Images: Hadoken.net, Twitter (@SFAFofficial)
Video: YouTube (Machinima)

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