This new line features six adorable puzzles with a special surprise underneath each of them.

McDonald’s Japan has been churning out some of the world’s cutest characters in its Happy Meals this season, from its line of functional Sanrio character goods last month to its new line spotlighting San-X’s popular Rilakkuma character and friends, available now at locations across the country. Rilakkuma, which is a portmanteau of the Japanese words for “relax” and “bear,” was first introduced to the world in 2003 and has gone on to become one of San-X’s most beloved and recognizable characters.

▼ Happy Meal boxes containing the new toys

The line features a total of six different 12-pieced puzzles that will be released over two series. The individual puzzle pieces are large and fairly thick, meaning they’ll last a good deal of play. A particularly neat bonus lies in what’s underneath them as well–a whole other puzzle! Yup, each puzzle is fully reversible and can be enjoyed on either side.

The first series, available May 17 through 23, features puzzle cases in the shape of three individual characters’ faces, each about the size of a palm. If not for storing puzzles, they’re the perfect size for pills or candies.

First up is the star Rilakkuma himself in a classic-looking design.

This puzzle takes the shape of him in seated form, with a fun and bright yellow pattern on the back.

Next up is a set starring Korilakkuma, Rilakkuma’s younger and mischievous friend (ko meaning “little”).

Her puzzle takes the shape of her waving, with her cute red button in prominent view. The reverse of the puzzle is light pink and adorable.

Third up is Kiiroitori (“yellow bird”), a bird friend of the previous two characters whose puzzle case is a vivid yellow.

This puzzle features the character resting on Rilakkuma’s head, while the reverse side highlights the two of them together on a pale blue background.

The second series, available May 24 through 30, includes slightly more fancy puzzles and cases that honor all of the characters in a group dynamic. This first one features a pink case in the shape of a strawberry, one of Korilakkuma’s favorite treats.

The back’s design pays homage to Rilakkuma’s 20th anniversary last year with a cute logo.

The second set has a lovely heart-shaped case…

…and plenty of party fun with balloons, presents, and more.

The final set in the second series comes in a star-shaped case.

The characters are engaged in a sweet bedtime routine with a baby theme.

The backs of all of the cases are also super cute and feature even more intricate illustrations. Longtime Rilakkuma fans are sure to be delighted no matter which case they score.

Beginning on May 31, all six of the above sets will be available in Happy Meals for you to score. As a special bonus, if you scan the Happy Meal Box or special center piece of each puzzle with your smartphone, you can enjoy an original game called “Rilakkuma’s Swaying Balance Game” on your phone.

That’s certainly enough cuteness to last us a while longer–but if you’re in the mood for something a little flashier, McDonald’s Japan has still got you covered with transforming Shinkansen-robot toys at this time as well.

Reference: McDonald’s Japan
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