How cheesy is a Cheese Cheese Dabuchi?

In recent years, the Double Cheeseburger at McDonald’s has been winning fans in Japan, who fondly refer to the burger as the “Dabuchi“. With twice as much cheese as a regular cheeseburger, there’s a lot to love about the Dabuchi, but now the chain is doubling down on the flavours, with a new limited-time version called the Cheese Cheese Dabuchi.

▼ Interestingly, you won’t find the new burger advertised outside branches of the chain…

▼ …so you’ll want to keep an eye out for it on the menu.

Priced at 540 yen (US$3.51) on its own, or as part of a set for 870 yen, the burger doesn’t come with any special packaging to announce its cheesy presence.

▼ When you open it up, the burger looks like a regular cheeseburger from the top…

…but from the side, you can see there’s cheese, cheese and double cheese!

The slices were gooey and melty in the middle and soft to the touch on the outer edges, promising to deliver mouthfuls of flavour. So now it was time to find out…how cheesy is a Cheese Cheese Dabuchi?

The answer to that is: Very cheesy.

Any notion that two extra slices of cheese won’t do much to change the flavour dissipate upon first bite. The white cheddar mellows out the saltiness of the regular cheddar cheese in such a way that the double combo makes it extremely cheesy, and incredibly tasty.

One surprising effect of eating so much cheese is that it serves to highlight the other flavours, with the sourness of the pickles coming to the fore, making them seem even more fresh and delicious.

For such a small and simple burger, the Cheese Cheese Dabuchi is big on taste. It’s only on the menu for a limited time, though, until 28 May, so you’ll want to get in quick to get a taste of it, and while you’re there don’t forget the Maple Butter Pancake Pie and the Bacon and Potato Pie are on the menu until month’s end too!

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