puriketsu のコピー

Remember Maru, the adorable Shiba dog who’s been stealing hearts all over Japan with his million-dollar smile? Well, his popularity is well and alive, and the canine celebrity will be coming out with his very own photo book in mid-June! And to commemorate the launch of his book, an on-line photo contest is currently on way, but it’s no ordinary photo contest — it involves photos of … lovely bottoms! Not to worry, though, they’re not naughty photos by any means. The contest is actually of photos of cute animal backsides, or “puri-ketsu“, as they’re affectionately called in Japanese, and it seems the adorable “bum” pictures are pouring in. Yes, it’s the official puri-ketsu championships, and here’s a look at just some of the fun and delightful photos!

The word puri-ketsu is a combination of the Japanese words “puri-puri“, an expression which describes something juicy and plump, and “ketsu“, which is an informal way to say buttocks. The puri-ketsu photo contest will be going on until May 25. Any photo of animal buttocks is welcome (but they make it clear that pictures of human bottoms aren’t accepted) through Twitter or Instagram, and some lovely bottoms have already been put on display:

▼We just love the gorgeous shape of the bottom on this little kitty!puri 1

▼ Check out that beautiful round shape with a snowy white fluffy tail!puri 2

▼ This fella looks perfectly relaxed and content in a pretty setting.puri 3

▼Ahhh … such a lovely bushy tail.puri 4

▼ Just look at that cute short black tail!puri 5

▼ What a nice, round, furry backside! We just want to kiss it!puri 6

▼ Yes!!!! Capybara bottoms! We could look at them all day!puri 7

▼ Bottoms are adorable looked at from above  too, aren’t they?puri 8

▼ Awwww … that gorgeous fur looks so soft, and the small white tail is just too cute to be real!puri 9

▼ This bottom is stylishly beautiful in black and white!puri 11

▼ We even have an unusual shot of a hedgehog bum! So that’s what a hedgehog looks like from behind.puri 12

So, wouldn’t you say these are quite a collection of attractive bums? Each day from May 19 to 25, a picture will be chosen as the “bottom of the day” and the winner will receive a photo book marked not with Maru’s autograph but his paw print! To enter the contest, all you have to do is post a picture to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #puriketsuchampionship or #PURIKETSU. 

Even if you don’t have a pet you can share a puri-ketsu picture of, it should be great fun just looking at the submitted photos. We for one, are certainly looking forward to seeing more lovely animal backsides over the course of the week. We can never have too many cute animal pictures in this world, after all, can we? Oh, and Maru’s photo book will be released June 16 and will be available from Amazon Japan for 1,080 yen (US$10.63). Congratulations again, Maru, on your new book!

Source and Top Image: Shiba Dog Maru’s Puri-ketsu Contest Japanese site and English site
Inset photos: Puriketsu Championship Stagramaker site