Shiba dog

Funny Shiba dog had a silly reaction to eating natto, frightened its owners, made the vet laugh

Who would have thought that dogs would like natto?

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Japanese Shiba Inu melts hearts with adorable swimming technique…above water 【Pics & Video】

This cute pup thinks she can dog paddle through the air.

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Adorable, hopping shiba dog can’t contain its excitement about seeing its beloved owner

It’s so springy, like a little rabbit!

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Japanese Shiba Inu runs a sweet potato stand, melts hearts everywhere

Hot potatoes selling like…hot potatoes, thanks to this friendly doge.

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Japanese Shiba Inu stops baby’s cries like a doting parent, melts hearts for being a good dog

Doge shows off a special technique for instantly calming a crying baby. 

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Shiba Inu in the snow: Japanese dogs melt hearts with their love for the cold【Pics & Video】

Warm your cockles with these smiling pups gleefully throwing themselves into the snow.

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Adorable Shiba thinks bedtime is playtime, won’t let owner ready his futon without a (play) fight

The world’s most popular Shiba, Maru, shows us that sleep is overrated!

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How to win tug-of-war with a dog who doesn’t want walkies to end

Watch this resolute stand-off dissolve into joyous jumping thanks to a simple trick by the pup’s owner.

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Shiba Inu watches humans on YouTube, internet has officially come full circle 【Videos】

So that’s who’s been making all those YouTube comments….

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Adorable Shiba Inu melts into puddle of doggy bliss when her head is rubbed 【Videos】

“Oh yes human, right there, ohhhh yessss….”

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Cute animal bottoms now on display — It’s Shiba Dog Maru’s Puriketsu Contest!

Remember Maru, the adorable Shiba dog who’s been stealing hearts all over Japan with his million-dollar smile? Well, his popularity is well and alive, and the canine celebrity will be coming out with his very own photo book in mid-June! And to commemorate the launch of his book, an on-line photo contest is currently on way, but it’s no ordinary photo contest — it involves photos of … lovely bottoms! Not to worry, though, they’re not naughty photos by any means. The contest is actually of photos of cute animal backsides, or “puri-ketsu“, as they’re affectionately called in Japanese, and it seems the adorable “bum” pictures are pouring in. Yes, it’s the official puri-ketsu championships, and here’s a look at just some of the fun and delightful photos!

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This is what happened when we tried to make a cute wool felt Shiba Inu!【Arts & Crafts】

With the winter cold now upon us in Japan, we suppose it’s natural that some of us should feel more partial than usual to warm, fuzzy-looking objects — like wool felt dolls, for instance. And in that spirit, one of our reporters from our sister site Pouch decided to try her hand at making her own felt doll herself. Sounds like a nice little project that should result in a cute hand-made creation, right?

This same reporter has previously written a story about a felt-craft project gone horribly wrong that had been shared on Twitter, in which what was supposed to turn into a cute cat ended up as, well … a bizarre-looking creature that’s hard to describe accurately. Could it really be that difficult to make a decent-looking felt doll? Our reporter’s account follows.

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‘Tis the season to be shedding: One dog owner’s picture proves just how much!

Now, pet owners may love their cat or dog to bits and consider them a member of the family, and that’s all fine and well. But I have a feeling that many owners, if being truthful, will also admit that all the hair that their beloved furry companions shed can sometimes drive them crazy. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s bad enough to make you want to give up owning any piece of clothing, linen or carpeting that’s not the same color as your pet’s fur.

But just exactly how bad can the “fur situation” be for, say, the average dog owner? Well, we’ve found a shockingly amusing picture that shows us! So, ready to face the hairy truth about dogs? Read More