The world’s most popular Shiba, Maru, shows us that sleep is overrated!

There are many adorable doggos in the world, but none are more beloved in Japan than Maru, the Shiba dog with over 2.5 million Instagram followers. In 2015 he was the Japanese celebrity with the second-most followers, but now…who knows? He might be the first!

It’s easy to understand why he’s so popular when you see the videos below. Maru, who always seems to be smiling in his photos (when he’s not having adorable snoozes, that is), makes a hilariously cute show of resisting bed time and replacing it with play time!

▼ “The night the Shiba dog got in the way”

Just look as he comes right over when his owner pulls out the futon mattress, innocently investigating this new activity.

▼ “Whatcha doin’?”

Once his owner opens up the futon and drops it on the floor, it’s on! His little curly tail wagging and his eyes sparkling, Maru jumps around on top of the futon while his owner tries to put the sheets on, and playfully nips at his hands while he tries to tuck them in.

He thinks it’s playtime, apparently, and, well, his owner can’t resist indulging him a little, especially since playing with him somehow seems to speed along the process of getting the futon ready!

▼ It looks only a little disheveled…

And that wasn’t the last time that Maru, who is still playful despite being 11 years old, tried to postpone bedtime. His owner posted a second video last week, and we have to say, this time Maru was a bit more successful in thwarting bedtime:

▼ “The autumn night the Shiba dog got in the way of laying out the futon”

Though Maru is getting older, he’s still ridiculously cute, and extremely popular. Think what would happen if Maru could learn how to talk like this Shiba. Then he’d really be top dog! If you can’t get enough of this smiley Shiba, be sure to follow Maru on Instagram and Twitter, where pictures and news are posted multiple times per day. You can even buy cute Maru goods like stationary, stickers, and towels at his special online shop.

Source: Twitter/@marutaro2000 via Togech
Images: Twitter/@marutaro2000