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With the World Cup just around the corner, participating nations are getting ready to cheer on their country’s team. Japan is no different with both the men and women getting behind “Samurai Blue” and small country flags and plastic megaphones have been purchased by the Kei-truck loads.

Parked in front of the TV at home or out with friends, we fret about what the final score will be, and who the next match will be against. But what we fret about more is deciding the most fashionable way to adorn ourselves in team colors. How best to wear our team jerseys and show support but also, work it! But just how do you make the men’s style jersey look good on a woman’s body? What to do!!! Worry not ladies, fashion magazines and the internet to the rescue!

Besides, nothing says “GO TEAM!” more than a horde of cute girls in the team’s uniform!

Don’t let the straight cut and large sizes of the uniforms fool you, all girls can look very cute while getting pumped for the World Cup! By wearing the uniform, we can play an active role in the fashion trend of this season “Sports Mix”, a combination of sports wear and regular clothes.

The uniforms are quite long and cover the hips, so we can get a really nice effect with soccer shorts or short shorts.

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Image: WEAR

The loose feel is really cute!”

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Image: RUNWAY channel

Of course normal denim shorts work as well, and you don’t have to accessorize much to achieve the Sports Mix style.

▼Sunglasses and a sweatband…nailed it!

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Image: Moussy Blog

When you want to be actively cheering on Japan, clothes that are easy to move in are a plus!

▼Leggings are the key to comfort.

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Image: X-girl

If you want a more fashionable look, how about a plain or billowy skirt?

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All different kinds of skirts seem to flow well with the uniform, especially those that accent with white.

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Image: WEAR

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Image: Zozo Town

Of course you don’t have to be Japanese to take notes from these fashion tips. However if you want to show your support, we are sure your feelings will reach your team. Leave it to the Japanese to devote time and space for a fashion guide applicable once every four years.

Wait a sec…why don’t we have any fashion tips for the away jersey? What accessories and what skirt will stop this from being a fashion faux pas?!?!

▼Two yellow cards equals a red card. This jersey is (r)EJECTED!

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Image: Adidas

Source: Matome Naver
Top Image:  Moussy Blog