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In Japan, the national sports teams are officially known as the Nihon Daihyou, literally the Japanese Representatives. And while it’s true that the Japanese soccer team will be getting eve more attention than usual as it competes in the World Cup in Brazil, one could argue that Japan’s pop cultural icons, more so than its athletes, are the most prominent representatives of the country internationally.

Or, you could sidestep the debate by combing the too with a Pokémon soccer jersey.

As part of its Enjin Project, Adidas Japan’s ongoing campaign to raise interest in and support for soccer, the athletic wear maker has taken its ordinary replica of the national team’s jersey and slapped an image of Pikachu, everyone’s favorite electrified rodent, on it.

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Unfortunately for those who’ve been loyal fans of Nintendo’s monster-rearing game since its beginning some 20 years ago, the jersey is meant for kids, and comes in sizes for wearers with heights of 130, 140, 150, or 160 centimeters (51, 55, 59, or 63 inches).

Children will need to save up their allowance for several weeks, though; the jerseys cost a hefty 7,400 yen (US $73) each.

▼ We’re a little disappointed that for that price, Adidas couldn’t even be bothered to write “Pika!” across the back. Pokémon Marking Soccer Nihon Daihyou Replica Uniform.

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Still, there’s no denying that this is a nice piece of kit, and far cuter than we’d initially imagined when we heard the words “Pokémon marking.”

▼ Remember, kids: the first step to becoming a true Pokémon master is making sure that all your pocket monsters are properly housebroken.

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