Cute clothing for petites that doesn’t need alterations? We’re all for it.

When it comes to non-traditional body types in Japan, it can be hard to get into fashion. But in recent years, fashion brands have been making an effort to be more inclusive, like PUNYUS for plus-sizes and shoes that make salarymen appear taller. Japanese clothing brand Heather wanted to help solve the woes of particularly short people in Japan – hems that are too long, tops that are too baggy, drowning in fabric, and more.

So after surveying their customers on Clubhouse, Heather decided to produce a line made specifically for petites in Japan that are around 150 centimeters (4 feet and 9 inches) called Heather mini. The line has eight items right now: overalls, two styles of pants, a dress, a long shirt, a button-up shirt, a T-shirt, and a tank top.

The Heather mini overalls come in pink and black and are available in sizes XXS and S for 7,150 yen (US$65.). They fit loosely around your waist and hips like normal overalls do, but the hem of these won’t be too long for the wearer.

▼ Since it’s shaped specifically for petites, it won’t look overly baggy or large in the chest area.

As for work attire, Heather mini has some slitted slacks in three colors – beige, gray, and black – to pair with your work or semi-formal shirts. And the best part – you don’t need to get the hem raised! You can grab a pair in XXS or S for 6,600 yen.

▼ You probably won’t even need a belt with this perfect fit!

For more casual outfits, you could try these flare jeans. Since the hems are more suited to your shorter stature, you can wear sneakers or flats instead of heeled shoes since the hems won’t drag on the ground.

▼ These are priced and sized similarly to the slacks above.

Looking for a long, flowery dress that won’t make you look like you’re shorter than you actually are? This Heather mini dress has a more compact top than average to make you appear taller. It’s 7,150 yen, and it comes in two easily pairable colors, light blue and brown.

▼ A little bit of cottagecore for little bodies.

Another short person problem solved: no more need to roll up the waistline of your skirt to prevent the hem from dragging on the ground with this Heather mini long skirt! It comes in just one size (free size) and is 5,500 yen.

▼ They’re perfect for tucking tops into as well!

If you’re petite but still prefer a slouchy silhouette, Heather mini has that figured out too. They have a loose-fitting sheer shirt that comes in white or brown and will give you just the right amount of bagginess without overwhelming you.

▼ These are 4,950 yen each.

The t-shirts (3,850 yen) in the Heather mini line come in three colors – black, light blue, and off-white – and are great for a sporty, casual look.

▼ And for bonus points, the Heather logo is on the sleeve.

And finally, the tank tops, just in time for the sweltering Japanese summer! These are specially shaped to fit better around the armpit and chest better than the average top. They’re 2,750 yen each and are available in free size.

▼ Modest, cute, and well-shaped.

All of these pieces can be preordered on the Heather mini online shop or Zozo Town as of May 26, but they will officially go on sale on June 23. Enjoy summer and all the seasons to come knowing you can find something to fit you, no alterations necessary!

Source and images: PR Times
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