We’ve already talked about Japan’s penchant for limited stock and limited-time seasonal items, but I’m starting to get the impression manufacturers and retailers are playing us for fools. Zipping down to the grocery only to find that at least some of the basic items you wanted are sold out is a common headache in Japan, as if retailers are hoping we’ll all be like, “Oh man, white bread must be really trendy right now. Guess I’ll buy five loaves next time.”

Convenience store chain 7-Eleven is downright diabolical about this kind of stuff, with a constantly shifting roster of goods that seem to come and go arbitrarily, which Japanese consumers have apparently picked up on because they’re currently in a crazy purchase panic over 7-Eleven’s delicious new Premium Popcorn.

Japanese Netizens are venting their frustrations about the scarcity of the popcorn on Twitter, crowding the site with Premium Popcorn non-sightings like these tragic tales:

“I bought 7-Eleven’s Premium Popcorn every day on vacation in the city. When I went back to my home town, I found out they don’t sell it here.”

“Popped down to 7′ for Premium Popcorn. SOLD OUT!”

“Went to buy 7-Eleven Premium Popcorn cheese flavor. Every bag was gone, but there were tons of caramel flavor.”


Even 7-Eleven’s official online shopping Twitter account made an announcement, seemingly to openly taunt consumers that they can’t have any:

“7-Eleven Premium Popcorn 55-gram bags just sold out in three hours of going on sale. We’ll let you know when we’ve got more in stock.”

Sure, 7-Eleven Bot. We know you’re holding out on us…

While I have yet to try the Premium Popcorn for myself – on account of it basically not existing and all – there appears to be a simple explanation for why it’s so objectively great-tasting: The private label brand is manufactured by none other than Frito’s Japan, which also happens to operate the Japan locations of Chicago fixture and popcorn specialist, Garrett Popcorn.

Weather Frito’s Japan is using a similar recipe or just packing Garret’s leftovers in 7-Eleven-branded bags remains to be seen. If you happen to have procured some and can let us know if it’s quite as magical as people seem to think it is, by all means let us know!

If you’re interested to know how 7-Eleven’s posh new popcorn tastes (spoiler: it’s not great) check out our review here.

Source: Naver Matome
Photos: Kuroguro.netTwitter