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If you’re an anime fan who grew up watching and loving Sailor Moon, we’ve got good news and bad news. The bad news is no matter how cute main character Usagi looks in her school uniform, you’re probably past the age where you’ll have many chances to actually wear a sailor suit in public (occasional anime convention notwithstanding).

The good news is that now there’s a set of Sailor Moon pajamas that look comfy enough that you might want to make them your de-facto uniform for relaxing at home.

The anime fashion designers at Super Groupies have just unveiled their new Sailor Moon pajamas. Rather than styling the outfit after the battle uniform magical girl Sailor Moon wears into combat, however, they take their inspiration from the school uniform seemingly ordinary girl Usagi Tsukino wears at Juban Junior High.

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But since this is something to wear around your home rather than in homeroom class, Super Groupies has made a few comfort-oriented modifications. Most noticeably, it’s made of soft, fluffy material, and unlike actual Japanese school uniforms, these polyester pajamas are machine-washable.

Both of the Juban Junior High ribbons are accounted for, one on the chest and one at the small of the back. Usagi’s teachers would probably take issue with the unauthorized modification of the additional transformation broach on the front, but since you’ll be wearing this in the privacy of your own home, you should be OK.

▼ If your personal dress code isn’t very ribbon-permissive, you’ll be glad to know that both are attached with a button and can be easily removed for a less girly look.

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While the ribbons are removable, the rest of the outfit is a one-piece design, with the “shirt,” “skirt,” and “collar” all being sewn together instead of the separate components they are in a standard school uniform. For convenience, there’re also two pockets above the waistline, and instead of having to slip it over your head or button it up, there’s a zipper running the length of the front.

▼ With a crescent moon-shaped pull, no less.

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▼ Pair with fluffy socks for the full effect

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Super Groupies is taking preorders for the 9,800-yen (US$82) pajamas through its website here between now and June 1. Delivery is scheduled for early September, allowing you to lounge about in Sailor-style as you sip coffee and watch anime.

Or as you read a thesaurus. You know, whatever you do to unwind at the end of the day.

▼ Wait a second, are we sure this isn’t really the uniform for brainy fellow Juban Junior High student Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury?

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Source: Super Groupies
Images: Souper Groupies (edited by RocketNews24)