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Two pecks on the cheek, far, far more angry idol otaku.

Last month, Justin Bieber asked people to pray for Japan, under the mistaken belief that some tragedy had recently befallen the country. Still, the concern for the nation’s well-being was appreciated, and likely earned the Canadian pop star a little bit of goodwill among the Japanese people.

But at least one segment of the population isn’t feeling so friendly toward Bieber this week, after he planted his lips on two of the country’s most popular idol singers.

Bieber is currently in Japan, and made a stop at the TV Asahi studios to appear on popular weekly program Music Station. Also on the program was idol megagroup AKB48, including veteran member Minami Takahashi, who tweeted the above photo along with the message:

“Thank you to everyone who watched us on Music Station! This was my final live studio performance as an AKB48 member. It was also a moving experience to be able to talk with Justin about many things. He’s a very laid-back, silly, and wonderful person. I’m glad we were able to meet each other.”

As alluded to in her tweet, the 24-year-old Takahashi will soon be leaving AKB48, or “graduating,” to use the group’s preferred term. This may explain why she felt comfortable sharing the picture of the backstage smooch herself, rather than towing the line of pure public chastity that the Japanese idol industry generally demands.

Bieber was apparently feeling generous with his kisses, as he also made a move to kiss the cheek of Haruna Kojima, another AKB48 member, who shared the following photo through her Instagram account along with “Thank You😳😂😘❤”.

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Thank You😳😂😘❤️

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Apparently there’s at least some overlap between fans of Bieber and AKB48 fans, as more than a few online commenters reacted positively:

“Too cool. And I think Justin is definitely into Minami.”
“What a lovely photo (*⌒▽⌒*)”
“Awesome! Minami looks so cute!!!”

There was also a bit of good-natured envy.

“Justin, you bastard! You can have all of the others, but hands off Minami Takahashi!”

Still, the idol industry being what it is, this display of physical affection produced a swift backlash among a certain demographic of the Japanese Internet.

“And to think I trusted her…”
“I’m disappointed. He’s not a good man.”
“Are you picking a fight with the believers? Whoa, Minami Takahashi, your career is over.”
“LOL You just made enemies of the millions of Beliebers around the world. I can’t believe you shared this photo on your own. Nobody would think that’s OK.”

And, since idol fandom includes a number of…extra-passionate…individuals, some of the opposition was even more vehement.

Shave your head bald and make a public apology tomorrow!”
“Ugly Minami, you’ll be killed by all of the Justin fans.”
“Where do you get off saying ‘Thanks’ after being kissed? Try to keep your white guy fetish under control, Japo!”

▼ Really, dude, when you start tossing racial slurs at someone of your own ethnicity, you’ve got to consider the possibility that you’re the one with racial issues.

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Proving that extremely emotional reactions to pop stars’ antics isn’t just a Japanese thing, Kojima’s Instagram photo garnered the following English responses:

“I hate JB!”
“You going die.”

▼ And when you’re so busy making death threats that you don’t have time for proper grammar, perhaps you should be focusing more of your energy on anger management techniques than calling out the people on your enemies list.

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Perhaps because of the greater prevalence Twitter has than Instagram, it seems the majority of the online chatter has been centered on Takahashi. Perhaps the bitterest was this rant:

“I’m seriously pissed. I hate you. Go home. You’re ugly. You’re short. Your face is too big. Just disappear.”

We understand what he’s trying to say, but it seems like such a waste of words, when his true feelings were also captured in a much more concise, mature, and honest manner by the commenter who just said:

“I’m jealous. (*^-^*)”

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