The new Futaba Future School, a combined junior and senior high school set to open in Hirono, Fukushima Prefecture this April, is getting some pretty snazzy uniforms. They were designed by Shinobu Kayano, the woman behind AKB48‘s colorful and memorable costumes.


Kayano was introduced to the project through AKB48 founding producer Yasushi Akimoto, who just happens to be a member of the Futaba Education Recovery Support Group, a group that also includes award-winning advertising creative director Hiroshi Sasaki, who provided the school’s new logo.


Designed to impart “the desire for the students’ academic successes to reach the entire world,” the logo prominently features a stylized version of the kanji for mirai (未来) (future), made to look like the frame of a building. With the school name included, the entire effect is that of a dandelion head.

Applications for the school will be accepted from January 20-23, with the entrance exam conducted on February 3.

Source: Mainichi Japan via Brian Ruh

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