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Cats are odd creatures. On the one hand, they exert their power over their owners humans on a near daily basis, ignoring us when we call them despite their ears clearly twitching in our direction, pestering us with such skill that it’s almost like they get a kick out of it, and making us fall for that “come, tickle my belly, human… Now, feel my CLAWS!!!” ruse every single time. And yet they occasionally do things that are so incredibly stupid that we wonder how they survived this long as a species.

Case in point, this Twitter user’s cat, who, being fond of tight spaces, climbed into a shrink-wrapped case of mineral water bottles and proceeded to get itself well and truly stuck, looking mightily uncomfortable with its little face pressed up against the plastic and wearing an expression of “this is really not going as I had planned…”

“Hey, you should maybe wait until there are slightly fewer bottles before you try to get in there…” writes Twitter user Natsume. Indeed, we think this cat is under the impression that it’s still a tiny little kitten that can fit in a pot or shoe rather than a full-grown cat that actually takes up space.

Hopefully this cat’s owner helped it out of its shrink-wrapped conundrum soon after taking this photo, but there again we have a feeling the cat would only resent them for interfering anyway…

Source: Twitter – Natsume via Byoukan Sunday