No matter who you are, you don’t need superhuman powers to be a hero.

Unlike protagonists in action-packed films, we human beings can’t fly, run as fast as lightning, or survive a 20-story fall without a scratch. But with a bit of courage during times when we most need it, we become bona fide heroes in our own right.

One American man by the name of Blaine Hodge was recently hailed a hero when he stepped in between a woman and her attacker at a Starbucks store in California. The woman was being chased by her machete-wielding ex-boyfriend, and Hodge bore the brunt of the brutal attack.

▼ A true hero of the people.

The assailant was eventually arrested, but not before Hodge suffered deep cuts to both hands and numerous lacerations to his arms. Unfortunately, surgery would be required for his right hand as the attack left him unable to move his fingers.

Reports reveal that Hodge works as a local musician and is a huge fan of inspiring action anime My Hero Academia. His favorite hero is All Might, the world’s greatest hero in the series.

▼ All Might mentors protagonist Izuku Midoriya. *Spoilers*

Much like how Izuku in the anime was inspired to become a hero even though he did not possess superpowers of any kind, Hodge’s actions proves to us that human beings can become much more when we are willing to protect others.

Coincidentally, Hodge’s new album titled “The Mind of a Hero” is slated to be released this month, allowing listeners to peek into the mind of one such as his.

Japanese netizens were dazzled by his bravery, though some thought it reckless on his part:

“Words are easy, but actions are not.”
“It’s dangerous to be influenced by anime.”
“This dude’s amazing.”
“You looked like you were asking for help!”
“I can’t believe he’s a musician!”

Considering the circumstances, we are glad Blaine Hodge made it out in one piece as the incident could have played out tragically. Nevertheless, it goes to show that with a bit of kindness and courage, ordinary people can transcend boundaries and become heroes too.

Source: Oxygen, Comicbookanime via Yurukuyaru, My Game News Flash
Top image: Pakutaso