When you make sacrifices for your beloved cat, but they couldn’t care less.

Cat ownership is a fickle thing. For one, you don’t own the cat – the cat owns you. And while one minute your feline master may be stealing your heart and your lap, the next minute they could be defiling your relatives’ resting place.

But for whatever reason – perhaps because of their irresistible cuteness – if you are a servant to a cat of your own, you’ll likely find yourself going above and beyond to please them, despite knowing it might all be in vain. Such is what happened to Twitter-user @nekoyama373 who lives with more than 30 – yes, 30! – cats.

In their tweet posted earlier this week, @nekoyama373 shared a photo of a cat tower sitting untouched by the handful of disinterested cats lying around its vicinity.

“I worked up a sweat putting together the cat tower
I bought with my bonus. C-c’mon, use it!!!! Please!!!!”

While that bonus could’ve been used for so many other things, @nekoyama373 selflessly thought of the kitties. But even after all of the likely backbreaking work that went into earning it, plus the physical labor it took to assemble said cat tower, the cats show their appreciation by merely basking in its shadows. Such is life when you’re owned by cats….

However, @nekoyama decided to take matters into their own hands.

“I put them on it!”

This story does have somewhat of a happy ending for @nekoyama373 though. After a few hours had passed, the cats began to show some interest and climb on the tower of their own free will… occasionally.

“Thank you so much. It’s been several hours since I set it up,
but now it seems they’re using it occasionally lol.”

So if you’re a new cat caregiver and have yet to learn your lesson, take this as a warning. Avoid doting on your cat with expensive gifts because they will always just prefer the cardboard box that it came in.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@nekoyama373