With relatively little farmable land, fruit is on the pricey side in Japan. In keeping with its status as a special treat, it shows up pretty often as a desert topping, but again, prices being what they are, usually not in such large quantities.

Shortcake lovers, for example, have been known to get excited about the one day a month convenience store chain Lawson adds a single slice of strawberry to its cakes. And while we suppose that’s better than nothing, it still can’t hold a candle to one Japanese cafe that tops its parfaits with what looks like an entire strawberry patch.

Many Japanese businesses that chose an English name don’t select one with anything close to a connection to the product they sell, but you can’t level that criticism at Strawberry.


Located in the city of Ono in Hyogo Prefecture, Strawberry serves up the sandwiches, curries, and hamburger steaks you can find at a lot of casual eateries in Japan.


You’ll also see pancakes with sweet red beans on the menu, but if you’re craving something sweet, you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t order the 1,200-yen (US $11.90) strawberry parfait.

▼ Believe it or not, this shot is too zoomed in to show all the strawberries.


▼ See? And yes, that is a strawberry Pocky stick protruding from it.


Given the size of the thing, you might want to assemble a dessert demolition crew, something we’ve had great success with before. Even if you’re attempting to solo Strawberry’s parfait, though, you’ll still have a bit of a time in which to build up an appetite, as a wait of 20 minutes or so seems to be the norm while the staff assembles the tower of fruit.


Should you get thirsty, you can also order a refreshing glass of the restaurant’s 550-yen strawberry juice, which is made from fruit personally grown by the owner and looks a bit more like a smoothie to our eyes.

▼ It’s also an easy way to cram even more whipped cream into your meal, in case you feel like the parfait just doesn’t come with quite enough.


The cafe opens at 8 a.m., and while they don’t start serving desserts until 10, those in the know recommend arriving well before then to beat the rush, as a line does form and the parfaits eventually sell out. And if you’re looking for a justification for a pre-noon parfait, just think of all that nutritious fruit you’re eating to start your day.

▼ Health food


Restaurant information
Strawberry /ストロベリー
Address: Hyogo-ken, Ono-shi, Yamadacho 1354
Open 8 a.m.-6 p.m.
Closed Fridays

Sources: Jin, Tabelog