It’s more than big food, too; it’s made from ingredients grown locally in Shizuoka Prefecture!

When it comes to extravagant food, naturally you’ll find the most options in big cities like Tokyo. But if you travel a bit outside of the normally walked paths, you might find something truly special.

At the top of the Izu peninsula in Shizuoka Prefecture, home to stunning oceans, fresh seafood, and southern views of Mt. Fuji, there is a small city known as Mishima, known primarily for Mishima Taisha, remembered by history as the favored Shinto shrine of Minamoto no Yoritomo during his exile in Izu before he became the first shogun of the Kamakura period in twelfth-century Japan.

But there are other things worth traveling two hours by bullet train from Tokyo to the region for, including a small local produce market and self-proclaimed “food theme park” known as Izu Eki no Mura. There they have a local egg shop and cafe called Tamagoya that features delicious dishes made from Hinode eggs, which are collected from chickens raised at the nearby Hakone Seiroku farm.

Tamagoya is offering a huge delicacy at its cafe this month as part of its Strawberry Fair: a giant strawberry parfait weighing more than five kilograms (11 pounds). Called the Deluxe Strawberry Mont Blanc Parfait, this enormous dessert is made of more than locally-grown Shizuoka strawberries. Inside the creamy-looking solution, fluffy pancakes, custard made with Hinode eggs, strawberry sauce, crunchy chocolate, strawberry whipped cream, strawberry jelly, and strawberry pudding are hiding.

It’s enough to feed eight to ten people and costs 11,000 yen (US$80.59), so you may want to bring quite a few friends (or maybe two or three of our experienced reporters) if you want to conquer this baby. Reservations are required, so make sure you plan your trip ahead of time and book your Deluxe Strawberry Mont Blanc Parfait at least three days in advance, or they likely won’t have enough time to make it for you.

▼ If five kilograms of parfait seems a bit much for you, don’t worry. They also have a regular-size Strawberry Mont Black Parfait for 1,300 yen, which contains all the same enticing ingredients and is far more easily finished by just one person.

If you wish to take full advantage of Tamagoya’s Strawberry Fair, there are lots of other dishes to try. For example, Tamagoya’s super fluffy pancakes are one of their most popular menu items, and now they’re selling them together with strawberries perfectly paired with a tart cream cheese mousse. Inside the mountain of sweets is also a custard made from Hinode eggs and vanilla ice cream, making this the ultimate pancake dessert. This monstrous sweet costs 1,900 yen.

The shop is also selling single-serving tarts and cakes made from Shizuoka strawberries ranging from 510 to 660 yen each, which would be great souvenirs to take home for family and friends!

Tamagoya’s Strawberry Fair lasts until December 25, which is when you can expect these delightful specials to disappear. If you have a hankering for some delicious fruity desserts, definitely make the trip. It’s not far from the coastal city of Atami, either, so consider making a detour to Mishima on your next beach resort vacation!

Cafe Information
Cafe Brunch Tamagoya / カフェ ブランチ タマゴヤ
Address: Shizuoka-ken, Mishima-shi, Yasuhisa 322-1
Open 9:30 a.m.–5 p.m. (store open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

Source, images: @Press
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