Japan is no stranger to natural disasters, and the world rose up in support after the devastating earthquake and tsunami in 2011 left thousands dead and millions homeless. Now it’s time for Japanese people to repay that kindness by supporting one of their greatest benefactors through their own period of crisis.

Relief efforts are still ongoing in the Balkan Peninsula after sudden and heavy flooding left many people dead and ravaged whole swathes of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina last month. And not only are they contending with the damage caused by the heaviest rains in 120 years, but the floods and landslides have unearthed landmines buried during the Bosnian war of the 1990s, adding an extra danger for civilians and rescue workers. Around 204,000 people have had to be evacuated from their homes in Serbia and 30,000 in Bosnia. According to one of the president’s aides, the physical damage to buildings alone is estimated at around 100 million euros (US $136 million). Farmland has been similarly affected and the overall economic toll of the floods could reach into the billions.



A little known fact is that, despite Serbians having an average monthly salary of around 40,000 yen (US $390), this small country donated more to the relief efforts for the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami than any other European country, and was the world’s fifth largest contributor.

While the current disaster has barely made the news in Japan, some kind and concerned people are trying to spread the word over the web, and remind other Japanese folks that one good deed deserves another.

See the end of this post for ways you can donate to the relief effort from Japan.

The Serbian Embassy in Tokyo is accepting donations for relief efforts. There are many Japanophiles in Serbia, and at the time of the 2011 Tōhoku Earthquake, Serbia raised the most money in the whole of Europe, and the 5th most in the world.

(´;ω;`) The flooding in Serbia…it’s not being reported at all in Japan, but it’s really bad. I’m so sad, I traveled to Serbia and the people there really took care of me. Let’s extend our love from Japan!! Emergency relief donations for Serbian flooding – YAHOO.

It’s not really been reported, but the flood damage in the Balkans is very serious. I have Serbian friends, and Serbia is a country that loves Japan – at the time of the earthquake many people donated money. If you can, please donate to the Serbian Embassy.

How to donate from Japan

  • Donate directly to the Embassy

You can bring your money directly to the Embassy and hand it over to the staff, or send it via a bank transfer.

You can also post it by registered mail to the following address, and they will then forward you a receipt.

4-7-24 (ne 4724) Kitashinagawa,
140-0001 Tokyo

Click here for Embassy information [English]

  • Donate via the Yahoo! JAPAN Foundation

You can use credit card or T point.

Click here for details [Japanese]

  •  Donate directly to Serbia

Via Paypal or foreign money transfer.

Click here for details [Japanese]

Source: Jin115
Images: Twitter, Embassy of the Republic of Serbia